Domestic arrangements

  • Merifield


All undergraduates are accommodated in College in their first year and for at least a further year, usually their final one, although there is an option to live at Merifield in their final year.

Wadham’s graduate accommodation is at Merifield or Lathbury Road in Summertown or at Castle Mill flats near Port Meadow. A few rooms are allocated on the main site, predominantly for graduates with special requirements (i.e. mobility issues, medical conditions).

General accommodation matters are dealt with by the Accommodation Officer, whose office is upstairs in the Bursary building and the telephone number is (2)77968. All students are required to sign a UUK Code of Practice approved Licence Agreement and a sample copy can be found on the College website. The length of the Licence Agreement will vary depending on whether the Agreement refers to the main College Site, Merifield or Lathbury Road. All College Licence Agreements are subject to £100 deposit at the beginning of each academic year. We aim to refund accommodation deposits to battels within 28 days of the room being vacated and checked. Refund time may be a little longer if there is any damage/cleaning to be addressed.

College rooms are located in sections and blocks called ‘Staircases’. There are single study-bedrooms, single sets (two rooms), and double sets (two bedrooms with a shared study). It is College policy to charge the same rate irrespective of the type or size of room. All rooms are centrally heated in Michaelmas and Hilary Terms; no heating is supplied in Trinity Term. A few rooms are en suite. The charge for heat and light is included in accommodation charges, spread over three terms equally (battels). Students’ right of privacy is maintained wherever possible but the College reserves the right of access when necessary or appropriate. (Please refer to the Licence Agreement on the College website). Undergraduate rooms must be vacated promptly at the end of Michaelmas Term for use by Admissions candidates. Furthermore, some rooms (and all en suite rooms) are classified as ‘conference rooms’ and are required for bookings during the Easter and Summer Vacations and must therefore be vacated by 10am on the day of departure at the end of each term, unless sitting University examinations. If the room you have chosen or have been allocated is a conference designated room then this will be made clear in your Licence Agreement (see also Vacation Residence). Failure to vacate by the departure date and time will result in a charge at double vacation residence rates for the unapproved period.

A Room Questionnaire is sent to first-year undergraduates before they come up to Oxford.  From the replies given, the Students’ Union Freshers Committee allocate rooms for first year undergraduate.

Merifield is the College development in Ferry Pool Road. It holds 139 students mainly in self-catering flats of 4 or 5. There is some accommodation available to couples. Merifield will normally be occupied by undergraduates on four year courses in either their third or fourth year and Fresher graduates. Graduates will have eleven month contracts (1 October - 31 August) and undergraduates will have nine month contracts (1 October – 30 June), but with the possibility to apply to stay longer subject to availability. Flats are fully furnished but do not have bedding, crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils, although these items may be available for short term loan. Rent is calculated on a monthly basis but collected in three termly instalments.

Finding private accommodation when living out is a matter for individuals but the SU Housing Officer can give advice, as will the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU; tel. 2-70777) and the University Accommodation Office in 6 Worcester Street, Oxford OX1 2BX (tel. 2-80923).The University has some accommodation for graduates, singles and couples.

Students living in College are provided with keys to their rooms. The University card unlocks the gates into Holywell Street and Savile Road, and the doors to the Computer Room, the Library, the JCR Common Room, the JCR Laundry, the JCR Kitchen and the bicycle shed. (The University card also acts as your EPOS swipe card - see section on Meals).Keys and cards issued to students by the College may not be copied and are charged for if lost at the rate of £20 per key and £15 per card. Most staircases have coded locks for added security. This information is provided by the Lodge on arrival. If you lose your key then you should report this to the Lodge Porter immediately so that a replacement can be arranged. Similarly, if you lock yourself out of your room the Lodge Porter can arrange access.

Moving out of College or changing rooms
Once you have been allocated a room, you are not permitted to move out of College before the end of the academic year. You may, however, exchange your room for that of another student with the agreement of the Accommodation Officer. Please refer to your Licence Agreement for more information.

Building plans

Building schedules permitting, from 2019, second year students will be offered Wadham College owned accommodation in the Dorothy Wadham Building on Iffley Road. More here 

Vacation residence

In vacations all students, except graduates and undergraduates taking University Examinations, are expected  to vacate their rooms and remove all belongings by 10.00 am on Saturday of 8th week.

Keys must be returned or students may be deemed to be still in residence and will be charged at the current conference rate. Students may apply to stay up during vacations, but, since accommodation is usually limited due to conference bookings which subsidise it, priority is given to students from overseas, finalists, and those for whom vacation residence is recommended for academic reasons. Following your last night of Vacation Residence, please  vacate and clear your room by 10am.

Vacation Residence must still be applied for by all students as it is not automatic.

Although vacation residence is guaranteed for graduates and undergraduates undertaking examinations, applications are still required. A ‘Vacation Residence Charge’ is made for each night of occupation after Friday night of 8th Week and before Thursday of ‘0th Week (Wednesday before Michaelmas Term). Conference rates (at present £74.00 per night) will be charged for students who remain in residence without prior agreement. Rebates will not be available for periods away of less than 5 days. Rooms must also be cleared of all belongings for a rebate to be considered. Vacation residence is not normally available to finalists once their academic obligations are complete. They are required however to remain in College until the end of 8th Week unless permission to ‘go down’ is given by the Dean. Please refer to the financial section for information on Vacation Residence grants.

Care and appearance of rooms

You are responsible for looking after your room and the furniture and fittings: for obvious reasons, you may not move or remove College furniture without permission, which you must also obtain before bringing private furniture (including any large musical instrument such as a piano) into College.

The domestic staff are required to report any damage, and those responsible will be charged on their battels for repairs, replacements, or exceptional cleaning; in extreme cases students may be denied further residence in College accommodation. Nothing should be pinned or stuck to walls, woodwork or windows though pictures and posters may be hung from the picture-rail or pinned on the boards provided. Blu-tac, white-tac, pins, sellotape, double-sided tape, gummed paper or any other form of adhesive, nails or drawing pins must not be used on the walls of any room. Only drawing pins should be used to affix pictures and posters to notice boards as other sticky fixings may damage the surface. College furniture and furnishings, including curtains and lampshades, must not be taken down, tied up or removed from rooms. Any changes to the layout of the furniture in the room should not lead to risks to your scout or cause any additional work. You are responsible for cleaning any spills on the carpets and/or upholstery.  Cleaning materials for this purpose can be obtained from the Housekeeping Department or Lodge. The Housekeeping Department should be contacted as soon as possible if the spillage cannot be completely removed. Likewise, you are responsible for clearing up any mess in your room and/or communal areas arising from self-inflicted illness (i.e. over-indulgence).

At the end of term, please take down all decorations and completely clear your room of personal items and rubbish. Please help your scout by returning all furniture to the place where you found it when you arrived.  No items should be left on window sills outside rooms for cooling or for other reasons. Smoking is prohibited in all rooms and balconies. Students who smoke in their rooms will incur an immediate fine from the Dean and an additional cleaning charge of £125 will also be levied.

Bicycles must not be stored in student rooms, nor should they be left in staircase entrances.

You are responsible for looking after your accommodation during your residency and will therefore be charged for any damages incurred during your stay.

Students are always shocked when charges are levied for badly kept rooms, so please read the list of charges below, and bear it in mind as you move into your room:

Cleaning per room £25 - £100
Smoke contamination cleaning £125 - £175
Wall repair and painting £25 - £150
Rubbish clearance £20 - £100
Disposal of large items £40-£150
Replacement of mattress protector £5 - £10
Damage to carpet £40 - £1,000
Replacement of bed base £150
Replacement of mattress £80 - £150
Replacement of complete bed £300
Damage to door £15 - £300
Damage to lock £50 - £250
Damage to window £50 - £300
Damage to curtains £100 - £200
Damage to wardrobe £150 - £500
Damage to table/desk £300 - £610
Damage to chest of drawers £100 - £525 
Damage to bookcase £100 - £250
Replacement of chair £250 - £500
Replacement of desk lamp £25

The Works Department is responsible for the routine maintenance and repair of the College buildings, employing carpenters, an electrician, a plumber, a painter and non-tradesmen.  Where specialist maintenance or repair is required, approved contractors are used.

Students should report any faults or repairs required to the Works Department as soon as possible by completing a reporting form at the Lodge or e-mailing:

We aim to respond to emergency maintenance requests immediately during normal working hours (see below) otherwise within 1 hour of reporting the incident to the Lodge.  We aim to respond to urgent maintenance requests within 2 working days and non-urgent requests within 5 working days. Generally we will endeavour to complete repairs as soon as practicable although non-urgent repairs may, where appropriate, be left to the next vacation period.

Safety or emergency defects should be drawn to the attention of the Duty Porter. Reported defects will be graded by the Maintenance Operations Manager as to the degree of urgency, e.g. emergency, urgent and non-urgent.

  • Priority 1: Emergency repairs; to be completed within 24 hours. (Any repair required to avoid a danger to health, a risk to the safety of residents or serious damage to buildings or residents' belongings).
  • Priority 2: Urgent repairs; to be completed within 5 days. (Repairs that materially affect the comfort or convenience of the residents).
  • Priority 3: Non-urgent repairs; to be completed within 28 days or left to the vacations depending on the nature of the defect. (Any repairs not falling into the above categories).

Where possible planned maintenance is carried out in the vacations. If maintenance is required to take place in term time we endeavour, wherever possible, to give 5 days’ notice. Any complaints about defects not being rectified should be reported to the Maintenance Operations Manager in the first instance.

(Works Department hours: 0730-1700 Monday-Thursday, 0730-1630 Friday).

Pest Control
Students are expected to maintain their accommodation in a manner that prevents the occurrence of pests. Students should immediately report any signs of pests to the Head of Housekeepin or Lodge

Domestic staff
Each staircase is looked after by a ‘scout’, usually a part-time member of the Housekeeping staff, who will help to keep your room clean. It is important to allow your scout access to your room several times a week in order that a good standard of cleanliness can be maintained. Requests or suggestions about rooms and their contents should first be made to the Head of Housekeeping, who is responsible for informing the Deputy Domestic Bursar. In the event of delay, you should approach the Deputy Domestic Bursar directly. Level of service: your scout will clean your room once a week and communal toilets and bathrooms daily Monday - Friday. Students are expected to leave the communal toilets and baths/showers clean and free of rubbish for the next user. There is a cleaning schedule in place for deep cleans over the summer vacation.

Room inspections
Regular inspections of rooms and communal areas will take place to ensure standards of cleanliness are being maintained. At least 24 hours’ notice will be given of room inspections.

The College has in place a Waste Management Policy which forms an integral part of our approach to preserving, wherever possible, natural resources. However, this policy can only work with your cooperation. We all have an obligation to play a part in minimising waste and recycling.

The College already recycles much of its waste and we are fully integrated into Oxford City Council’s recycling arrangements. The programme includes the co-mingled recycling of tins, cans, plastics and cardboard. The waste created by College is collected daily Monday-Friday and, where appropriate, it is sent for recycling.

Read the following instructions for recycling carefully and put materials in the appropriate Recycling Banks:

  • As far as possible, make sure the material is clean before recycling it.
  • Recycling Banks are located in the Graduate Centre, JCR Bar, JCR and the Lodge.
  • The main Recycling Centre is located in the area to the rear of the Bowra building which is accessible 24/7.
  • The ordinary bin in your room is for General Waste and is collected by your Scout – This is NOT Recycled.
  •  The GREEN PLASTIC bin in your room is ONLY for uncontaminated co-mingled waste paper, glass, cardboard, tin and plastic (including plastic bags) – This Is Recycled – but it must not be contaminated, e.g. with food, otherwise it cannot be recycled. Please keep glass separate.

It is important not to contaminate recyclable waste with general waste, so that we recycle as much waste as possible.

Cooking and electrical appliances

Cooking in rooms is strictly forbidden because of the fire-risk, but you may make tea or coffee using a kettle. The kettle must not be left unattended when it is being used. There are kitchens on some staircases and these must be left clean and tidy. There is a ‘Safety Handling Guidelines’ folder in every kitchen which must be referred to. Kitchens must never be left unattended when cooking or using a kettle or a toaster. Students must not bring their own toasters into College. A toaster is provided in each kitchenette but toasters are NOT allowed in student rooms.

Electrical appliances
The following appliances are NOT permitted in student rooms: electric fires, boiling-rings, electric irons, fans, toasters, toasted sandwich makers, rice cookers, microwaves, fairy lights, electric guitars, electric blankets or lava type lamps. This rule is necessary to prevent overloading of circuits and danger from unearthed appliances, faulty insulation, etc. All students’ electrical equipment must be new or have been PAT tested in the last 12 months by a competent person to ensure the equipment is safe.  In particular the equipment should be (a) CE marked, (b) have sound mains lead and plug, (c) be correctly rated for fuses fitted for the appliance, and (d) not be used in a combination which overloads the electricity supply. All College-owned appliances are subject to testing by College staff but it is important that individuals carry out common sense visual checks for loose or worn wires etc. In cases of doubt the Works staff will test for safety on request. We expressly reserve the right to remove any personal electrical equipment believed to be dangerous or faulty. If a piece of personal electrical equipment is removed, a member of the Housekeeping Staff will leave a note and the item will be retained by the Head of Housekeeping until the end of term. Students are responsible for contacting the Head of Housekeeping to arrange to collect the equipment at the end of the term. Any items which have not been collected from the Head of Housekeeping after the end of term will be disposed of. Always follow the instructions provided on the use of electrical or gas equipment. All electrical leads and cables must be managed in such a way so as not to form a tripping hazard. NB. All appliances should be rated at 240v only and the correct amp fuse should be fitted.

One emergency telephone linked to the Lodge is provided in each staircase.  You are advised to locate the emergency phone on arrival to enable you to use it quickly if required. Any nuisance calls should be reported to the Domestic Bursar as a matter of urgency, as most calls are traceable. A text phone for use by those with hearing impairments is available for use at the Lodge.

While every precaution is taken, there can be no guarantee that power supplies for computers will not be interrupted. It is best to save all important work on USB card and switch computers off when not in use and this also saves energy. Electrical leads and cables must be managed in such a way so as not to form a tripping hazard.

If you wish to bring a television into College you are responsible for acquiring your own personal TV Licence. It is important to note that watching or recording television programmes as they are being shown on TV – online, on a TV, or on any device, including a laptop, requires a TV Licence. In practice few students find a television appropriate to life in the University and there are televisions in the MCR, JCR and Bar area with satellite and terrestrial facilities.

Minicool Fridges
Minicool fridges are provided in each room free of charge. Students are responsible for ensuring that it is kept clean and hygienic, regularly defrosted and cleared of food at the end of every term.  A charge will be made at the end of term for any fridges that aren’t. Any items of food left in fridges at the end of term will be disposed of.  Students are not permitted to bring any type of fridge, freezer or drinks cooler into College.

Removal of belongings
All students are required to clear  all personal belongings, including food, from their College room by 10 am at the end of term in accordance with their Licence Agreement, or the last day of their vacation residence if granted.  If a vacation residence application involves a room move, please be packed and ready to move by 10am.  The Housekeeper will inform you as soon as possible when the room you are moving into is ready. Any items left behind will be disposed of.  A charge will be made for excessive rubbish clearance and the disposal of large items.  Further details are provided in the section on Care and Appearance of Rooms above.


End of Term - Storage of Personal Possessions

At the end of each term, opening dates and times for access to the student stores on Staircase 29 are circulated by e-mail. Access at any other times is by arrangement with the Housekeeping Department, on 77916 or email: Store room keys are not available from the Lodge, access is only through the Housekeeping Department.

DO NOT leave luggage or possessions outside Staircase 29 or anywhere else.  You must either gain access during the stipulated hours or contact the Housekeeping Department as above. Under no circumstances should boxes be left outside Staircase 29 stores. THE COLLEGE WILL NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR ITEMS LEFT WITHOUT REGISTRATION. There will be a £10 charge per unregistered box and these items will be sent to commercial storage at student expense

Storage will not be accessible at weekends except for the final Saturday of term (end of 8th week) when stores will be open 8.00-10.00 am.  Items may not be stored after 10 am on Saturday.

Storage will be limited to ONE box per UK student. Overseas students may store up to SIX boxes. Only boxes supplied by the College will be accepted into storage. Boxes can be purchased from the Housekeeping Department at a cost of £4.00 each and will be charged to your battels. The boxes then become your property for future use and are not returnable. Boxes must not weigh in excess of 20kg; it is important that students are able to carry their own boxes to and from stores themselves. All storage items must be contained within the box, which should be sealed and labelled with your details. Do not expect more than the limit to be stored for you. You must make alternative arrangements if you have more than the allowed maximum. No futons, suitcases or other items can be accepted.

Receipts will be given for all boxes. These receipts must be produced on collection of boxes. Please arrange for all boxes to be collected at the start of term. Please contact the Housekeeping Department for opening dates and times for access to the student stores on Staircase 29 at the start of each term. Boxes should not be left in storage during term unless special arrangements have been made with the Head of Housekeeping.
The College will be free to dispose of items left after graduation and/or the agreed collection time unless special arrangements have been made with the Head of Housekeeping.

Energy saving

It is important not to waste energy and everyone can help in energy saving. Please do not leave lights or computers switched on unless you really need them. Heaters are only permitted if provided by the College. Please also conserve water by taking showers rather than baths. For further useful information on energy saving click here.

Laundry and linen

All students supply and launder their own bed linen in the students’ laundry. You will need to provide your own duvet, pillows and bed linen. Mattress protectors are provided by College and must not be removed.

Laundry Room
There are Laundry Rooms located in the temporary building in the Bar Quad and at Merifield. These contain card-operated washing-machines, dryers, irons and ironing-tables. Laundry left to dry should not be left longer than necessary. There is a payment facility to use the machines on the main site using a bank card or Apple Pay. Merifield laundry cards can be obtained from the Merifield Manager, the top up machine is located in his office and can be accessed between 09.00 and 17.00.

Guest Rooms

There is one double guest room available which may be booked through the Lodge for up to three days at a time; a charge is payable at the time of booking. The Guest Room must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure. Failure to leave at this time will incur an extra day’s charge. Refunds will only be made if three days’ notice of cancellation is given


Opening times: Normally Tuesday-Saturday: 19.00-23.00 during term-time.  There may be occasions when the bar cannot be open.
A ‘Cashless Bar’ facility is in use in the JCR Bar. Your Bod card will be swiped before drinks are poured to ensure there is enough cash on the card. An on-line payment facility is available for ease of topping up cards. Payment by cash will be accepted but drinks paid for by cash will be charged at a higher tariff

Meals Hall and Refectory

Breakfast and lunch are normally served in the New Refectory. Dinner is normally served in Hall, with a self-service dinner in the New Refectory. Meals can be purchased during the week before term starts (‘0th Week’) and during the week after the end of term (‘9th Week’).

Please note there are two sittings for dinner, Monday to Friday. The first sitting, from 18.15 to 18.45, is served in the New Refectory and the second sitting, at 19.15, is served in the Hall. The number of dinners served in the first sitting is limited and varies each night according to the total number of students signed on for dinner. This variation occurs as the College system is to automatically cater for 130 dinners to be served in the second sitting to continue the College’s long-standing dining tradition in its historic Hall. Students are encouraged to dine at the second sitting as much as possible. 

Meal Booking System
This system only applies during Michaelmas and Hilary terms. There is no limit to the number of dinners served in the first sitting during Trinity term. Please feel free to address any queries on this system with the Head Butler by contacting  Graduates can purchase lunches for part of the vacations in the SCR. Notices regarding vacation meals are promulgated at the appropriate times.

Students who live on the main College site are automatically booked in for dinner. To change your booking or to book in guests, visit the Meal Booking System at before 10am. Please note that the University VPN is required if accessing this site from outside the University network. Dietary requests must be booked online.

Meal times are as follows (subject to occasional small changes notified by email):
Breakfast 0815-0900 Monday to Friday (cooked) (New Refectory)
Brunch 1100-1300 Saturday and (New Refectory)
Lunch   1230-1325 Monday to Friday (New Refectory)
Dinner  1815-1845 Monday to Friday (New Refectory)
           1900 for 1915 start Monday to Friday (Hall)
Meal comments
Any comments about meals should be made to the person in charge of the Hall or Refectory; all complaints about meals should be made immediately. These are recorded and where possible, a replacement meal provided. There is also a Food Committee, chaired by the Domestic Bursar, which meets regularly in term. Elected representatives of the SU attend this Committee together with key catering staff.
Food Allergy and Intolerance. If you suffer from a food allergy, it is most important that you make yourself known to the person in charge of Hall or Refectory or the Head Chef ( Do not be tempted to risk selecting from the menu and so put yourself at risk.
Vegetarian meals
A vegetarian alternative is supplied for lunch and dinner. If you require a vegetarian option at dinner then this must be booked in advance on-line.

Payment for meals
Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch are paid for on your Bod card, swiped at the till. Your Bod card will be pre-credited at the beginning of Michaelmas Term with £100 for those living-in on the main site or £50 for those living-out. This charge will be added to your battels account. Cards can be re-charged at the Accounts Office or topped-up on line. Dinners from Monday to Friday in term are pre-paid on battels at the beginning of each term. So long as they are signed off on-line by 1000 on the day concerned, dinners (Monday to Friday) not taken will be credited on the following term’s battels. Students living out or at Merifield must sign in on-line for dinner by 1000 on the day concerned. For those not pre-charged for dinner the amount will be taken off your EPOS account. Please note that you must present your Bod card at ALL meals otherwise you will not be given a meal. In the event of losing your Bod card see section below ‘Lost Cards’.

Dinner Guests
Up to three guests may be brought into dinner on any evening. You will need to book guests in on-line by 1000 on the day concerned. At least once a term there is a guest night, at which a special dinner is served. Up to two guests may be brought into dinner for guest nights. These charges are not refundable. Please ensure that you enter any dietary requirements for your guests into the Meal Booking System.

Dining in College
Meal times and costs can be found here.

Lost Cards

Lost, stolen or damaged University cards must be reported to the Academic Office immediately.

A replacement will be ordered, which can be collected from the Academic Office; you will receive email notification once the new card is ready for collection.

In cases where a University Card has been lost, the University Card Office charges a £15 flat rate replacement fee. Lost cards must be reported to the Academic Office first and then payment needs to be made by the card holder through the Oxford On-line Store. On receipt of payment the Card Office will issue a replacement card as usual. Any card that needs to be renewed or replaced due to faults or other inadvertent damage, or to change of personal circumstances, will not incur the replacement fee; cardholders who provide a crime reference number for a stolen card will not be required to pay for a replacement card either.

Once a card is reported as lost, the barcode will be stopped and changed. Should the original card be found, it will no longer be usable.