General information for all students

Oxford terms

The academic year is divided up into three 8-week terms at Oxford: Autumn term is called ‘Michaelmas term’, Spring term is known as ‘Hilary term’ and Summer term as ‘Trinity term’.

Weeks at Oxford begin on Sundays and are numbered from the start of each term. So the first week of term in October is  commonly referred to as the first week of Michaelmas term (MT). By the same logic, Freshers’ week is known as ‘0th week’.

Start of term and when to return to College

Undergraduates must be in residence in time for meetings at 14:00 on the Thursday preceding the start of Full Term (commonly known as Thursday of 0th week). They should be available to sit collections, and to see tutors and out-tutors at any time from 14:00 to 19:15 on the Thursday, from 09:00 to 19:15 on the Friday, and if necessary from 09:00 to 19:15 on the Saturday. They must stay in residence until the Saturday on which Full Term ends.

Absence from College

If you intend to spend a night away from College, you must (for fire safety reasons, among others) sign out in the Lodge. Whether an undergraduate lives in College or out, absences from Oxford of two consecutive nights (not counting Saturday nights) must be approved by the relevant College Tutor. Longer absences require approval by the Tutor for Undergraduates, and permission will not normally be granted unless on medical grounds or in other exceptional circumstances.

Residency regulations

To be admitted to a degree examination, full-time students need to have fulfilled the requirements to have spent at least 42 nights in Oxford during each of their University Terms.

Anyone living in College who wishes to move into their room before Wednesday of 0th week, or remain in their room after term has ended (from 9th week) must apply for vacation residence (see Domestic arrangements). Students who live out of College in Oxford for any part of the vacation must sign a list in the Lodge at the beginning and end of their period of residence. The College will not vouch for residence (for example, in support of a claim for a vacation grant) unless this procedure has been fulfilled.

Updating your contact details

Students must ensure that they keep their contact details (address and telephone number) up-to-date on Student Self Service (

Emergency contact details and student confidentiality

The name and contact details of a person to be informed in case of emergency must be provided though Registration on ‘Student Self-Service’ before your arrival and must be updated as appropriate.

In most cases this is likely to be a parent or guardian, but it's entirely for you to decide. Please do keep in mind that distress might be caused to someone close to you if in an emergency we are not directed to contact the most obvious relative. The wishes of individuals will be respected with regard to limitations on informing nominated persons but, in extreme cases, the College reserves the right to exercise its own judgement.

The University or College will contact your emergency contacts only when it is justified to be in your best interests e.g. if you risk being a serious danger to yourself or someone else or suffering from a serious physical illness and you have been assessed as lacking capacity to make the decision. The decision to contact emergency contacts will be made by senior offers (e.g. Senior Tutor, Domestic Bursar, Welfare Dean, Warden), and you will normally be informed. Further guidance can be found in the University’s confidentiality policy.

We hope that you're going to be very happy with us at Wadham, but it is important that we know who you would like us to contact in the event of an emergency. Of course we hope never to have to contact the nominated person without your consent. However, in extreme cases of emergency, where it is impossible or impractical to obtain your consent, the College reserves the right to make contact with your nominated contact.

Forwarding mail

The Lodge keeps the home addresses of students and will forward mail on to these addresses in vacation periods. Please inform the Head Porter if you do not wish mail to be forwarded during the vacations.

Please ensure that you re-direct your mail when you graduate, although the College will forward mail to you for an initial period of up to three months. In particular, you are strongly advised to notify any financial institutions with which you have dealings e.g. bank, credit card company.


If a disability (whether a physical disability, a mental health condition or a specific learning difficulty) means that you have particular requirements, it is helpful for the College to know this as soon as possible so that it can support you, both academically and in terms of any domestic needs.

Accessibility guide Disability support

You are therefore encouraged to discuss any condition with the Senior Tutor, the Domestic Bursar or the Academic Administrator (as Disability Coordinator) as appropriate. Whilst disclosure might be recommended, all officers will respect confidentiality as far as safety allows.


All students (whether new or continuing) will need to register with the University before beginning a new academic year.

Registration for new students:
The Registration process for new students is in two parts:

Online Registration: During late August, IT Services will email Fresher graduate and undergraduate students details of how to complete the University’s online registration. From 1st September all Freshers must complete online registration by logging in to Student Self-Service. By doing so, you will also be able to check and, if necessary, amend personal and academic records.

College Registration: You will need to have completed the online step before attending College Registration. College Registration will be held on Monday 1st October for undergraduates and throughout September and the first week of October for graduates. When you come to register you will receive your University (‘Bod’) Card and other important information.

Registration for continuing students (including year abroad).
Students who are progressing to, repeating another year in the same programme of study, or who are studying or working for their year abroad must also re-register. A registration guide is available on the University website at Students returning in Michaelmas term must re-register between 1st September and 4pm on Friday of 1st week.

NB: Student Maintenance Loans will not be paid until you have completed the online registration.

Students returning from suspension
Students who are returning to their studies at other points in the academic year (i.e. from a period of suspension) should note the additional deadlines for registering:
Hilary Term: Opens on 01 January - Closes at 4pm Friday of 1st week
Trinity Term: Opens on 01 April - Closes at 4pm Friday of 1st week.

Matriculation and Academic Dress

Matriculation is the ceremony that marks a student’s formal admission to the University and will take place soon after your arrival.

If you need to attend a matriculation ceremony, further information will be sent to you nearer the time.

The required dress for matriculation is known as ‘sub fusc’. Information about the appropriate gown you will need to wear will be supplied to you nearer the time but you will also need to wear a mortar board or soft-cap, and your preferred items from the following list:

One of
• Dark suit with dark socks, or
• Dark skirt with black tights or stockings, or
• Dark trousers with dark socks
Dark coat if required
Black shoes
Plain white collared shirt or blouse
White bow tie, black bow tie, black full-length tie, or black ribbon.