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Wadham has an excellent academic reputation, placing it high in the Norrington Table. We have around 70 Fellows and 40 lecturers who, along with professorial and research staff, create a thriving intellectual environment which encourages the best in everyone. With around 440 undergraduates and 200 graduate students, Wadham is one of Oxford’s largest colleges and offers most of the academic subjects that can be studied at the University.  However, it is far from being impersonal and is famous for its friendly, inclusive and welcoming culture. The College is proud of the diversity of its student body and proud to be in the vanguard of efforts to broaden access to the University of Oxford.

The Student Union at Wadham is very active and has a wide variety of social, political and community engagement events. Our close-knit welfare team supports students both in their academic and their personal lives, and is always available to listen, and to offer advice and support whenever needed. Students here are known for the solidarity that they show for one another and for the affection that they feel for the College as a progressive and liberal academic community.

We also have a large and active Student Ambassador Scheme which gives students volunteering opportunities to represent the College at Open Days and a variety of Access and Outreach events, both locally and nationally. Students are encouraged to play a full part in Wadham’s drive to open the College up to the brightest and best from all backgrounds and communities.


Wadham College is in the centre of the City, but has large quiet grounds, with some of the most beautiful gardens and buildings in Oxford. The famous King’s Arms pub is right next door on Parks Road, the Bodleian Library is just across Broad Street and the science area is only a few minutes’ walk away.

We welcome and celebrate academic excellence, diversity and independence and we aim for our students to find comfort and challenge in equal measure, forming a life-long bond with us. Funding opportunities and scholarships are available to support students in their studies and extracurricular activities.

Aside from academic life, the College has a huge range of clubs and societies, ranging from the usual sports to martial arts, politics, science and yoga, and we have a thriving Wadham Human Rights Forum that attracts national figures to the College every term.

Indeed virtually every activity is catered for here. The Holywell Music Room, the oldest purpose-built music room in Europe, forms a distinguished part of the College buildings and is used for a wealth of musical activities.  We also have two music practice rooms available for students to book.  Wadham drama thrives too, with many plays produced in the Sir Claus Moser Theatre, located at the heart of the College.  We have extensive sports facilities including a large sports ground and modern pavilion, a boathouse, a squash court and a recently refurbished College gym. 

Uniquely in Oxford, Wadham combines its Junior Common Room with its Middle Common Room to form a united Students’ Union with an integrated undergraduate and post-graduate community.

The Students’ Union organises two large events in the academic year:
Queerweek in the autumn, a unique, week-long celebration and exploration of LGBTQ culture and issues around the world, featuring high-profile speaker events, debates, film nights and more; and Wadstock in spring, a music festival held in Wadham’s gardens. 

Wadham has some of the most affordable accommodation in the University.  All undergraduates live on the main College site in their first year and can return to College accommodation for at least one further year. Graduate students are offered accommodation owned by either the College or the University during their first year of study. Whilst not living in College- or University-owned housing, students can apply for a grant to help with the costs of private accommodation.

The McCall MacBain Graduate Centre is a dedicated building on the main College site available for graduate study, seminars and socialising.  Boasting a library, media room and bar, this space is open to graduate students and fourth year students on combined BA and master’s courses and mature undergraduate students.

Front Quad

Front Quad

Back Quad

Wadstock in the Fellows' Garden

Wadstock in the Fellows' Garden

The Fellows' Garden (for students and fellows)

The McCall MacBain Graduate Centre


Wadham supports undergraduate and graduate students to achieve their potential, stimulating creativity and curiosity and providing small group teaching from world-class academics.  We offer a vast range of subjects for study at undergraduate and graduate level. You can find out more about our celebrated academic tutors on our course pages.

At Wadham, we are very proud of our thriving research community. In addition to our graduate and doctoral students, our research fellows are covering subjects as diverse as cognitive neuroscience, macrocyclic and supramolecular chemistry, glosses (marginal notes) in early manuscripts, vaccine development, the development and production of affordable prostheses, breastfeeding, contraception and female mortality in India, property law, ultrasound technology for tumour diagnosis, and the work of French philosopher Bernard Stiegler...to name but a small sample!

Every term the College puts on a wide variety of seminars, talks and discussions that will introduce students to new ideas and inter-disciplinary experiences. We aim for the College to be an intellectual cauldron, broad-minded and open to the world. We believe that creativity and engagement go hand in hand and we want our students to find excitement in knowledge here every day.

My Wadham

A  short film by undergraduate Charlie Powell (English, 2015).


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