Student Stories

Your gifts make a difference to Wadham students every year.

Tariq Hammed (2018, Economics and Management)

"The support I received from Target Oxbridge was life-changing. I’m delighted to see students who were also on the Target Oxbridge programme gain places at Wadham, and they too feel proud to be at Wadham. I’m happy that I can volunteer every year to provide support to in-coming Target Oxbridge students as I know how valuable it was for me."

Samson Dittrich (MSt Women’s Studies, 2020)

"I am incredibly grateful for the financial support I have received during my time at Wadham, made possible by the generous donations of our alumni community. Thanks to the Hardship Fund, I was able to find a safe and intellectually stimulating home at the College, without the added stress of financial worries. The Travel Fund enabled me to gain first-hand experience at archival work abroad, giving me the skills and experience needed for future research."

Georgia Williams (Hackney BCL Scholar, 2020)

"I was immensely grateful and humbled to receive the Hackney BCL Scholarship. My course has involved learning from leaders in the field as well as peers from around the world with diverse perspectives, and being challenged to think differently and critically about the law and its place in society. Undertaking a rigorous course of study like the BCL during the pandemic has been a challenging experience, and I have been so thankful for Wadham’s support. I am proud to be associated with such an inclusive and energetic College."

Ibrahim Mohamed (Maths, 2017)

"I was fortunate to come on a trip to the College back in 2017, which allowed me to get a sense of what Oxford and Wadham were like. That short trip has turned into (almost) three wonderful years where I’ve met some amazing people. I’ve also been able to take part in access work with the College and to see the amazing difference that alumni donations have made over this time."

Last year, 1,629 alumni donated to Wadham, raising £585,000 towards the Wadham Fund. We are truly grateful for your support.