Why Wadham?

An excellent academic reputation combined with central Oxford location, fabulous facilities and a welcoming, inclusive and progressive community.


Meet our progressive community, discover what it's like to study and work here, and explore our beautiful buildings and gardens.

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Undergraduate Courses

Discover what you can study here.

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Buildings & Gardens

Wadham's historic and modern buildings, equipped with the latest facilities.

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Schools and Outreach

Wadham’s access and outreach team provides a responsive and inclusive programme to help young people make informed choices about their futures.

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Five good reasons to choose Wadham

  1. Inclusive and welcoming
  2. Academic excellence
  3. Diverse and supportive community
  4. Central Oxford location
  5. Outstanding and affordable facilities
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Five facts about Wadham

  1. Founded by a woman (Dorothy)
  2. We have a College welfare dog - Maggie Mae
  3. Actors Rosamund Pike and Felicity Jones studied English here
  4. Founders of the Royal Society met and experimented here
  5. One of the first (male) Oxford colleges to admit women

"75% of all the offers made by Wadham to UK-domiciled applicants in 2022 have gone to those attending maintained-sector schools."

"Everyone at Wadham is accepted for who they are"