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Wadham College is committed to the mission of opening the doors of Oxford to the best students and academics of all backgrounds. The cornerstone of an Oxford education, the tutorial system, is expensive to maintain and even with tuition fees at an all-time high, we need to cover a significant gap every year. The contributions we receive from our generous alumni and friends, year on year, are vital to sustaining the level of excellence to which we aspire.

As a charity, Wadham publishes its Trustees' Report each year, giving our financial report on educational activity.

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The stats

* In the UK, state schools educate 93% of children, 67% of triple-A achievers at A level… but just 57% of the undergraduates admitted to Oxford. (Source: University of Oxford website)

* At Wadham 66% of our UK undergraduates are state-educated. But 74.7% of our UK applicants are state educated, so there is still a gap to close. (Source: University of Oxford website)

* More than a third of applicants offered a postgraduate place at Wadham turn it down, and most of these cite lack of funding as the reason. (Source, Wadham College)

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Your contribution, however small, can make a real difference to the lives of students who struggle to afford a university education. In order to make Wadham a beacon of fair access and diversity, we are asking you to give your best gift.

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