Chapel Events: Trinity Term 2023


Throughout Trinity Term


Wadham Chapel (some exceptions)


Weekly Choral Evensong, Tree Appreciations, Qigong and more. For full details, click the link above.

Evensong Schedule

Marking the 410th anniversary this year of the dedication of Wadham College and the consecration of Wadham Chapel, current and historic students, Chaplains, Fellows, and friends join together to ponder our inheritance and vocation as members of the Wadham community.

6pm in Wadham's Chapel, every Sunday of term.

Week 1 | April 23: Dependent Beings

The Chaplain takes as her departure John Robinson’s 1987 Möbius-band sculpture ‘Dependent Beings’, the gift of Eprime Eshag (Fellow and Tutor in Economics, 1962-86).

Week 2 | April 30: The Gate of Heaven

While completing his doctorate at Wadham The Right Revd Rowan Williams (Theology, 1972) sang in the Wadham Chapel Choir for three years. He served from 2002-2013 as the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury, and most recently, as Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge.

Week 3 | May 7: Roots

Nicholas Clark (Law, 2020) is a Wadham finalist with roots in Singapore and New Zealand, and an interest in how the law intersects with citizenship, community, and belonging.

Week 4 | May 14: Opportunity

A Wadham finalist studying synthesis of semiconducting solid-state compounds, Adam Kavanagh (MChem, 2019) has been involved in chemistry outreach and access work, and plays viola in the OU Ceilidh band.

Week 5 | May 21: Chinese Religious Inheritance - Taoist Inner Alchemy

Professor John Lai, whose research focuses on religion, literature, and translation, has been a lively presence at Wadham this year as a Visiting Fellow from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Week 6 | May 28: Pentecost

Author, scholar, and former Chaplain of Wadham College, The Revd Dr Harriet Harris is University Chaplain at the University of Edinburgh, where she oversees a wondrously multi-faith and multi-belief chaplaincy team.

Week 7 | June 4: Trinity Sunday

The Revd Nicola Vidamour, is an author, theologian, and Methodist minister with a background in Russian language and literature, who served church communities in Pskov, Russia, and Newham, London before taking up her current post in an ecumenical partnership in Milton Keynes.

Week 8 | June 11: Leavers' Service

Our Founder Nicholas Wadham desired that Members of his college would not linger ‘like idle drones, but put themselves out into the world’. Guided by The Warden, we bid farewell to the Wadham Leavers of 2023 and send them forth with every good wish, looking forward to hearing of their adventures in future.