Katie Pardee's Retirement Dinner


Saturday 3 June 2023


From 3.30pm


Wadham College


Booking has now closed. By invitation only to current and former members of the Wadham College Chapel Choir.

After 20 years of wonderful music-making at Wadham, Katie Pardee, Director of Chapel Music, will replace her baton on the conductor's stand in Wadham Chapel for the last time.

Choir members, past and present, are invited to join us as we celebrate Katie's outstanding contribution to Wadham.


3.30pm - Rehearsal in Chapel

5.15pm - Evensong. Repertoire will comprise

Canticles: Stanford in C; Anthem: Balfour Gardiner, Evening Hymn; Smith Responses

6.30pm - Drinks reception in the Cloister Garden (or Ante Chapel if wet)

7.15pm - Dinner in the Old Library