Wittgenstein on Foundations: Mathematics, Language, World


1 - 2 August 2022


Seminar Rooms 4 & 5, Wadham College


The conference is funded by the Research Council of Norway and is part of the activities in the grant Mathematics with a Human Face: Set Theory within a Naturalized Wittgensteinean Framework (Project Leaders: Professors Sorin Bangu and Kevin Cahill, University of Bergen). It is hosted by Wadham College, courtesy of Professor Alex Paseau, University of Oxford.

The talks will also be streamed on Zoom. Please note that during the Q&A, people in the room will have priority in asking questions. If you would like to receive a link or to attend in person, please email Professor Sorin Bangu, Department. of Philosophy, University of Bergen at sorin.bangu@uib.no.

Please be advised that there is a very limited number of seats available.

Updated Programme

Monday 1 August

Professor's Ray Monk's talk on 'Wittgenstein and Turing on Logic and Mathematics' has been cancelled. Professor Juliet Floyd's talk has been re-scheduled and will take place at 13.45. The first talk in the conference is Professor Schroeder's at 11.00 There will be coffee and tea from 10.30 onwards.'

Note: all times are BST London time = CET-1)

10.30 Welcome; tea/coffee

11-12.15 Severin Schroeder (Reading). Wittgenstein’s Concern with Mathematical Proof in RFM I

12.30-13.30 lunch

13.45-15 Juliet Floyd (Boston). Wittgenstein’s Later Remarks on Philosophy of Mathematics: “Practice” vs. “Technique”

15 break (tea/coffee)

15.45-17 Juliette Kennedy (Helsinki). Do syntactic features supervene on semantic ones in foundations of mathematics? A few starting points

17.15-18.30 Crispin Wright (NYU, Stirling). Pictures, processes and the basic a priori: simple arithmetic as a case study [ZOOM talk]

18.50 dinner

Tuesday 2 August

9.15-10.30 Sorin Bangu (Bergen) and Jeffrey Schatz (Bergen). Wittgenstein on irrationals

10.30 break (tea/coffee)

11-12.15 Mathieu Marion (Montreal) & JC Pelland (Bergen). Wittgenstein on Surveyability: New Directions

12.30-13.30 lunch

13.45-15 Victor Rodych (Lethbridge). Gödel’s Wittgenstein

13.15 break (tea/coffee)

15.45-17 Michael Potter (Cambridge): Wittgenstein on “The foundations of mathematics”

17.15-18.30 Timm Lampert (Hagen). A Logical Refutation of Wittgenstein's Early Philosophy of Logic [ZOOM talk]

Joint work with Anderson Nakano.

18.50 dinner