'Capitalism and Crises: How to Fix Them' by Colin Mayer is published

Date Published: 01.07.2024

The book by our Emeritus Fellow, Colin Mayer CBE FBA, has been published by Oxford University Press.

Capitalism and Crises is about how capitalism can fix them - how it can solve not cause them. The book:

  • Presents a profoundly new approach to looking at the failures of capitalism, providing fundamental insights for business practice, public policy, academic research, and teaching
  • Provides international scope, evidence base, practical examples of problems and solutions that are accessible, applicable, and compelling
  • Comprises multi-disciplinary, and comprehensive analysis that is intellectually stimulating and relevant for a wide audience of readers.

Professor Mayer's gave the Adam Smith Lecture on the book. You can also watch his interview with Harvard Business School’s Institute for the Study of Business in which he discusses key concepts from 'Capitalism and Crises: How to Fix Them.'

Congratulations to Professor Mayer on the book's publication. Capitalism and Crises is available to order from OUP.