Celebrating Charles Dickens in a new Wadham Library film

Date Published: 24.11.2023

Leading experts share highlights from the first editions in Wadham's library.

Professor Ankhi Mukherjee

Ankhi Mukherjee, Fellow and Tutor in English at Wadham College and Professor of English and World Literatures at Oxford University, and Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, Fellow of Magdalen College and Professor of English Literature at Oxford University discuss the first editions of Charles Dickens' books in Wadham College Library's special collections.

The two leading experts on Dickens consider the many ways in which Dickens is still everywhere around us. This manifests itself in catch phrases such as 'Bah, Humbug', in television costume dramas, and with the face of Dickens himself, which used to be on the £10 note. Together, they look at the 'stories behind the stories' and how Dickens became such an extraordinary literary and cultural giant. Wadham's fist editions of Dickens were donated by Henry King, Barrister, Librarian at the Garrick Club, and Wadham Fellow from 1844 - 1888. It is likely that they were bequeathed to Wadham in 1889.

These great treasures from Wadham's collection tell us a lot about Dickens and his world. Ankhi and Robert share their insights in three films, :

Charles Dickens First Editions in Wadham College Library Part 1

Charles Dickens First Editions in Wadham College Library Part 2

Part 3: Questions and Answers