Invasion of Ukraine: Statement from Wadham College

Date Published: 08.03.2022

The Wadham College community condemns utterly the unprovoked and unjustified act of war by the Russian Government against Ukraine. We affirm democratic Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

We are deeply saddened by images and news coming from Ukraine and we deplore the appalling loss of life inflicted by the Russian military across the country. Wadham has a long tradition of academic links and enduring friendships with academic colleagues in Russia, Eastern Europe and the Baltic states; we share in their horror at what is being done in the name of Russia.

At Wadham College, we stand in support of those in our community - staff, students, and alumni - who are affected by these events. Our thoughts are with those who have connections to the region and are concerned for their families and loved ones who find themselves in the midst of hostilities.

During these anxious times, we are actively offering welfare and financial support to our students and staff, especially Ukrainian and Russian students, and those impacted by this situation are encouraged to contact our Welfare Team and their tutors. We are also in touch with our alumni from the region, some of whom are directly caught up in the violence. The College also actively supports CARA (Council for at-risk academics) and has offered assistance to our academic colleagues forced to flee from Ukrainian universities.

(Updated 09/03/2022)

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Wadham College Student Union Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and the UK Government Response

The Wadham College SU strongly condemns President Vladimir Putin’s decision to initiate an invasion of Ukraine. We recognise the sovereignty of the nation of Ukraine and stand in solidarity with its people. We acknowledge the devastation inflicted by this act of war and the consequent duty of this community and nation to speak out against unjust military aggression, as well as to support those affected in Ukraine and abroad. Therefore, we also condemn the UK government’s failure in its duty toward Ukrainian citizens fleeing the crisis. As the Student Union, we have limited power. However, within our community, there are many people who have been personally affected by the invasion and we want to commit to supporting them by all means possible.

Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people both globally and in Oxford. You are an essential part of our community, and you will find only compassion here. The SU will act as a platform for those affected by the crisis and is committed to spreading information on charities and other means by which the Wadham community can contribute. We commit to dedicating our funds to aid in Ukraine for as long as this crisis lasts.

We recognise the broader anxiety that the crisis and spreading instability causes, especially to those with roots in Europe. We also stand in solidarity with Russian staff and students at Oxford, who are not responsible for the crisis at hand. The SU opposes ostracisation and discrimination, which has no place in a time of crisis.

Finally, the SU believes that the UK government has failed in its duty to the Ukrainian community. As of today, more than 500 000 Ukrainians have fled the country. The SU calls upon the UK government to waive all visa requirements for those escaping the crisis. Anything less compromises the security of the Ukrainian people and worsens the situation for those in need.


Wadham College Student Union