Multiple Wadham Alumni Elected as MPs

Date Published: 05.07.2024

The seven alumni will be serving in Wycombe, Penistone and Stocksbridge, Selby, Ealing North, Sunderland Central, Birmingham Northfield, and Frome and East Somerset.

Taking new ground, Emma Reynolds (PPE, 1992) became Labour MP for Wycombe with 35.9% of the vote. Marie Tidball (Jurisprudence, 2002 & DPhil in Criminology, 2011), also with Labour, took Penistone and Stocksbridge with a majority of just under 9,000. Both were previously Conservative constituencies.

Last year, Keir Mather (History & Politics, 2016) made news by becoming the youngest serving MP, winning the 2023 by-election in Selby and Ainsty. The Labour MP has retained his seat in Selby this general election, winning 46.3% of the vote.

"They are part of a long tradition of Wadham students serving their communities..."

James Murray (PPE, 2001) also retained his seat for Labour in Ealing North, winning 47.8% of the vote in that constituency.

Lewis Atkinson (PPE, 2001) increased Labour's majority in Sunderland Central in 2019 from 2,964 to 6,073.

Laurence Turner (History, 2006, and MSt Modern British and European History, 2010) is the new Labour MP for Birmingham Northfield, a previously Conservative constituency.

Anna Sabine (PPE, 1998) is the new Liberal Democrat MP for Frome and East Somerset, a formerly Conservative constituency.

Wadham Warden, Robert Hannigan, congratulated the MPs; “Everyone at Wadham is very proud of our seven alumni elected to parliament yesterday. They are part of a long tradition of Wadham students serving their communities and having an impact in the world.”