Undergraduate Scholarships & Exhibitions 2022-23

Date Published: 15.11.2022

80 Wadham undergraduates have been awarded scholarships based on academic performance, with a further 38 exhibition awards made for hard work and personal development.

These awards are based on work over the last academic year.

Scholarships are awarded in recognition of continuous work of a first-class standard (in exams, tutorials and classes).

Exhibitions are awarded on the basis of working at a top 2.1 grade (top third of class) as well as evidence of sustained effort, or marked improvement over time, or successfully overcoming of difficulties (whether financial, personal, or medical).

College scholarships are awarded from the income of a number of trust funds provided by generous donors over the years.  

Scholarships 2022-23

Cara Addleman (PPE)

Will Austin (E&M)

Boris Barbov (Maths and Statistics)

Sam Bates (Physics)

Faisal Bin Mohammad Feroz (Exp. Psychology)

Ryan Bloxsom (Medicine)

Agathiyan Bragadeesh (Maths and Comp Sci)

Campbell Brawley (Maths)

Matthieu Bridger (Physics)

Maeve Carroll (Law)

Arjun Cheema (Chemistry)

Liwen Chen (Maths)

Cherry Chung (Chemistry)

Ignacio Ciscar Mugica (Maths)

Yutong Dai (Maths and Comp Sci)

Anna Davidson (History)

Tyra Douglas (Exp. Psychology)

Isabel Dowling (Biochemistry)

Lucy Ellis (English)

Zach Ellis (Engineering)

Oskar Ford (Chemistry)

Grace Garvey (Mod Langs FRE and SPA)

Piotr Grynfelder (Maths and Comp Sci)

Jason Guan (Chemistry)

Tom Haggith (E&M)

Emma Haran (Ancient and Modern History)

Sulekha Harrish (Engineering)

India Harrison (Law)

Reuben Heffer (Physics)

Ashwat Jain (Physics)

Seung-Bin Joo (Engineering)

Adam Kavanagh (Chemistry)

Thomas Keen (Biology)

Leila Kerley (History)

Youngchae Kim (Chemistry)

Karan Lalwani (Chemistry)

Julie Lavollee (Biochemistry)

Sioned Marie Lyons (Mod Langs FRE)

Lucas Martin (Physics)

Charlotte Mathe (Mathematics)

Tom McBride (Law with Law in Europe)

James McElhinney (Physics)

Betsy McGrath (History and English)

Conor McMahon (Engineering)

Leah Mitchell (Literae Humariores)

Kate Morton (Chemistry)

Emre Mutlu (Maths and Com Sci)

Will Nathan (Engineering)

Morten Pahus (Engineering)

Luke Palin (Chemistry)

Kaveri Parekh (Classics and English)

Matilda Parker (History and Politics)

Ben Pery (Physics)

Ren Ping Phua (PPE)

Rory Price (EMEL GER and ARA)

Toby Price (Engineering)

Matt Robyns-Landricombe (Mod Langs FRE)

Lily Samarine (Mod Langs FRE and RUS)

Aleksander Sarbinski (History and Economics)

Advay Saxena (Law with Law in Europe)

Uri Sharell (Maths and Theoretical Physics)

Callum Shaw (History and English)

Sneha Shiralagi (History)

Savinay Sood (Classical Arch and Ancient Hist)

Annabel Staines (Engineering)

Eddie Standen (Chemistry)

Grace Stephens (PPE)

Jemima Swain (Biology)

Banky Tantivorawong (Engineering)

James Thistlewood (Physics)

Isabelle Tod (Mod Langs FRE)

Harin Turrell (History of Art)

Okasha Uddin (Phyiscs)

Jules Upson (English)

Yiqiao Wang (Chemistry)

Hengyu Wang (Engineering)

Ike Williams (Biology)

Thomas Williams (Engineering)

Runlai Xu (Physics)

Aleksandra Zawadzka (Chemistry)

Exhibitions 2022-23

Jakub Adamek (Maths and Statistics)

Jelani Allman (Law)

Taras Bains (Biology)

Emily Bauer (English)

Grace Bellorini (English)

Jake Bogdan (Maths)

Alice Bradbury (Biology)

Nick Browne (Philosophy and Mod Langs GER)

Angel Chun (Law)

Catherine Cibulskis (English and M.L. SPA)

River Deng (Literae Humaniores)

Sarah Fielding (Mod Langs ITA and SPA)

Dot Foster (English)

Ben Harvey (Biology)

Isla Henderson (Engineering)

Mia Hippisley (Chemistry)

Beth Holland (Biochemistry)

Jessica Ji (Chemistry)

Weina Jin (Biology)

Ege Karaahmet (Engineering)

Dani Kovacs (History)

Nia Large (PPE)

Eddie Laurence (English and Mod Langs FRE)

Callum Long (Engineering)

Frankie Peacock (Literae Humaniores)

Lara Peremezhko (Law)

Eva Perez (History)

Harry Qiao (Maths and Statistics)

Lily Rachel (English and Mod Langs SPA)

Jackie Rao (Maths and Statistics)

Karan Ruparell (Maths and Statistics)

Alexandra Saward (Law)

Phillip Siller (Chemistry)

Kapilan Sivanesan (Biology)

Dora Solloway (Biology)

Robbie Strang (PPE)

Izzy Summersell (Mod Langs GER)

Sophie Village (Human Sciences)