Wadham hosts PROMYS Europe students

Date Published: 25.07.2022

PROMYS Europe students gather at Wadham College, Oxford for six weeks of rigorous mathematical activity.

The PROMYS Europe programme is a partnership of PROMYS Europe, Wadham College, the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford, and the Clay Mathematics Institute. The programme encourages mathematically ambitious secondary school students to explore the creative world of maths through guest lectures and challenging daily problems, as well as 'Friday Fun' and social activities at weekends.

The 28 competitively selected pre-university students from around Europe are being hosted at Wadham College. This is a challenging and inspiring experience for participants. Some of the former students have gone on to study Maths at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and have also returned to PROMYS Europe as counsellors. The programme is back as an in person event after taking place online in 2021. The students described PROMYS as the 'best programme ever', which offers an 'amazing' experience. They have found that you can learn more than you had imagined would be possible in six weeks as well as making really strong friendships during this time.

The programme shows you what Maths is really about and the essence of what it means - and is really fun!

Tudor, Romania