Alfonso Castrejón-Pita

Professor of Fluid Dynamics, Royal Society Research Fellow, and the Colin Wood Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science


Alfonso joined the University of Oxford in October 2013 and hold the title of Professor of Fluid Dynamics. At Oxford, he established the Fluid Dynamics Laboratory where he and his group study a variety of fluid flows phenomena, from drop formation and splashing, to geophysical flows, microfluidics, and turbulence. His group's research is carried out by combining theory, numerical simulations, and experimentation. 

Alfonso obtained his DPhil in Physics at Oxford in 2008, and his MSc (2004) and BSc (2002) in Physics in Mexico. Before returning to Oxford in 2013 as an Associate Professor in Fluid Mechanics and Royal Society University Research Fellowship, he spent two years at the University of Cambridge as a Research Associate where he was a also member of St Johns College.