Hannah Christensen

Associate Professor and Tutorial Fellow in Physics


Hannah is a Tutorial Fellow in Physics and an Associate Professor in Physical Climate within the Department of Physics.

Hannah’s research centres on the role of fast atmospheric processes in the climate system, including convective storms, clouds, and turbulence. She is interested in sources of predictability for these fast processes, and how these processes impact more slowly evolving components of the climate system such as the oceans. Improved understanding of small-scale processes allows Hannah to improve the numerical models used to predict the atmosphere across weather and climate timescales. A key theme throughout Hannah’s research is quantifying uncertainty in atmospheric processes, including the use of stochastic approaches to characterise unresolved variability.

Before joining Wadham, Hannah was a Natural Environment Research Council Independent Research Fellow in the Oxford Physics Department and a lecturer at Corpus Christi College. She has also spent time in Boulder, Colorado, where she was an Advanced Study Program Fellow at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. She was awarded her DPhil (PhD) in Atmospheric Physics by the University of Oxford, and her MSci in Physical Natural Sciences by Pembroke College, Cambridge.

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