Lewis Graham

Law Society Fellow in Law

Lewis Graham

Lewis completed his doctorate at the University of Cambridge and holds Law degrees from the Universities of Oxford and Bristol. 

He joined Wadham as a Fellow in January 2022 and teaches Jurisprudence, EU Law and Administrative Law for the college. His general research interests include judicial decision-making, the work of apex courts, public law and human rights (especially the Human Rights Act and European Convention on Human Rights). He is particularly interested in empirical legal work. 

He has recently published articles in Public Law, Human Rights Law Review and International and Comparative Law Quarterly. A co-authored volume on UK Counter-Terrorism Law, penned with Steven Greer and Lindsey Bell, is due to be published soon by Cambridge University Press. 

Selected publications

Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights in the United Kingdom (with Steven Greer and Lindsey Bell) forthcoming, Cambridge University Press

Europe (with Steven Greer) in Moeckli, Shah and Sivakumaran, International Human Rights Law (4th edn, forthcoming 2022)

The Modern Mirror Principle [2021] Public Law 523
Jeanty v Belgium: saving lives provides (another) exception to Article 3 ECHR(2021) 21(1) Human Rights Law Review 221

Jeanty v Belgium: saving lives provides (another) exception to Article 3 ECHR (2021) 21(1) Human Rights Law Review 221

Comment: Unuane v United Kingdom (2021) 35(2) Journal of Immigration Asylum and Nationality Law 184

Extradition, Life Sentences and the European Convention (2020) 25(3) Judicial Review 228

Strategic Admissibility Decisions in the European Court of Human Rights (2020) 69(1) International and Comparative Law Quarterly 79

Comment: R v Abdurahman (Ismail)(2020) Criminal Law Review 453

Statutory Secret Trials: the Judicial Approach to Closed Material procedures under the Justice and Security Act 2013 (2019) 38(2) Civil Justice Quarterly 189

FJM v United Kingdom: the Taming of Article 8? (with Jennifer Boddy) (2019) 2 Conveyancer 166

Out with a whimper? The final word on the closed material procedure at the European Court of Human Rights (2019) 25(1) European Public Law 43

Comment: Beuze v Belgium (2019) 3 Criminal Law Review 230

From Vinter to Hutchinson and Back Again: Life Imprisonment Cases in the European Court of Human Rights (2018) 3 European Human Rights Law Review 258

A full list, including blogs and other material, can be found at https://www.lewisgraham.info/.