DPhil, MPhil, and MSt courses

Wadham is a popular choice for graduate students studying English; we have a thriving community of both Masters students and doctoral researchers.

The Courses

The College accepts applications for the following courses:

DPhil English
DPhil English (to 1550)
MPhil English Studies (Medieval)
MSt English (650-1550)
MSt English (1550-1700)
MSt English (1700-1830)
MSt English (1830-1914)
MSt English (1900-Present)
MSt World Literatures in English
MSt English and American StudiesĀ 

MSt Medieval Studies

Further details of all these courses can be found on the website of the Faculty of English.

The Tutors

Prof Ankhi Mukherjee

Ankhi is currently working on an interdisciplinary project that examines the institution of psychoanalysis and its vexed relationship with race and the urban poor in the context of three global cities: Mumbai, London, and New York.

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Dr Jane Griffiths

Jane works primarily on the poetry and drama of the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries.

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