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Inspiring ‘The Imitation Game’

New hit film The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, is the latest in a series of productions inspired by a book by Wadham Fellow Andrew Hodges.

Book cover

Wadham welcomes Professor Fiona Powrie

Oxford University Statutory Professor in the Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences Fiona Powrie becomes a Fellow at Wadham College.

Fiona Powrie

OPT award for Wadham’s Graduate Centre

Wadham’s McCall MacBain Graduate Centre wins praise at the 2014 Oxford Preservation Trust Awards.

McCall MacBain Graduate Centre

Study abroad

From teaching English in Tamil Nadu and digging for artefacts in Japan to singing and Kendo in America, genealogy in Berlin and exploring the ancient world in Turkey, read more student travel tales.

About time

Did you know that the clock in Wadham’s front quad was not only designed by Sir Christopher Wren, it was possibly the first 1670s clock to incorporate an innovative mechanism to keep better time? Not only that, the current clock mechanism was built by the same clockmaker that keeps Greenwich Mean Time and built the clock which strikes Big Ben at the Palace of Westminster.

College clock
  • Graduate Research Forum

    Dr Esther Becker, a Junior Research Fellow in Medical Sciences, will discuss her fascinating work on brain disease and stem cell therapies and MCR member Steinar Halldorsson will present his exciting work on visualising rare and highly contagious viruses.


  • Stuart Hall: A Celebration

    Wadham Fellow Jane Garnett will be speaking at an event dedicated to Professor Stuart Hall, the leading cultural theorist and founder of the New Left Review.


    Jane Garnett

Travellers' tales

Generous donations by Wadham alumni mean that current students are able to apply for grants to help them travel in relation to their studies. From installing water filters in Bolivia and tap dancing in Stockholm to studying meerkats in the Kalahari and teaching tablet use in India, read on to see how Wadham students spent their summers.

Haliya Village, Telengana, India

Venue hire

Wadham College's historic buildings, magnificent gardens and comfortable accommodation combined with its central location, up to the minute facilities and excellent catering, provide the perfect location for your conference, summer school, reception, dinner or meeting. Watch a video showing Wadham's conference facilities.

conference facilities

Candidate information

Important information for candidates applying to Wadham for entry in October 2015 (or deferred entry in 2016). More

Criticising Rochester’s Oxford

Wadham historian and archivist Cliff Davies takes issue with Alexander Larman's portrayal of Restoration Oxford and its influence on the young Wadham student, John Wilmot, the Earl of Rochester, published in Oxford Today.

John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester

Breastfeeding, contraception and female mortality in India

Research focus: Jasmine Fledderjohann examines differences in the length of time that male and female babies are breastfed in India and the correlation with higher infant mortality rates for girls.

Jasmine Fledderjohann

November Veggie Pledge

Wadham students are joining forces with students across Oxford in taking the ‘Veggie Pledge’.

Frame by frame

The long and painstaking process of restoring old and damaged film in order to preserve the greatest movies from across the world was described by the Criterion Collection’s Peter Becker at the Wadham Movie Masterclass.

Peter Becker

Curiosity-led science

The vital role of curiosity in the invention and development of science was celebrated in a science-focused day at Wadham College and the Sheldonian Theatre.

On the radio

After only two weeks in Oxford, Wadham’s Sarah Lawrence Programme student Mary Johnson (Psychology with Russian Literature), launches her own radio programme on Oxide student radio.

Mary Johnson

Biology research for Wadham students

An opportunity for Wadham’s biology students to get research experience in the laboratory has been created thanks to funding from a generous alumnus.

research student

Telephone campaign raises £314,000

Heartfelt thanks to all alumni who took time to speak with Wadham students during our recent telephone campaign. Our students made contact with alumni as far away as Australasia and South America, raising £314,000 for the Wadham Fund.

Wadham telethon students

Outstanding results put Wadham in the top five

Wadham College has been ranked in the top five for academic performance based on 2014 finalists’ results.

Wadham College

Celebrating Wadham's women

Remarkable women representing the four decades since the admission of women to Wadham in 1974 took part in a panel discussion with Wadham alumni on 27 September.

Wadham's women

Celebrating science

It's 400 years since the birth of John Wilkins, Wadham College’s sixth Warden who advocated the new ‘experimental’ approach to science and whose Philosophical Club became the Royal Society. Marking this anniversary and celebrating science at Wadham today, read about Wadham's scientific past and present and sign up to our exciting events.

40 years of women at Wadham

Celebrate 40 years of women at Wadham. Read comments from Wadham's women across the years, look back at the decision making process that led to the admission of women and find out about events marking this anniversary.

Wadham's women

1914-2014 Wartime Wadham Centenary

Read accounts from wartime editions of the Wadham Gazette, along with extracts from the hundreds of letters sent by serving Wadham men to the Warden, in our fascinating Wartime Wadham Centenary feature.

Visiting Wadham

Visitors are welcome to Wadham College during opening times. Prospective students are welcome at any time. (You may be asked to return if an occasional restricted event is taking place).

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13.00 - 16.15
Out of term
10.30 - 11.45
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The price of corn

Emeritus Fellow Jeffrey Hackney considers his role as a University of Oxford Clerk of the Market.

Library treasures

Wadham's collection of rare books includes a Shakespeare first folio and a 1543 publication by Nicolaus Copernicus...