Accessibility is fundamental to our core values and we endeavour to create an environment that is open to all.

Buildings within Wadham College vary in degrees of accessibility to people with physical disabilities.  Some of our buildings date as far back as the seventeenth century and are presently not fully accessible.

We will, however, do as much as we can to make reasonable physical adjustments or arrangements to make the College as accessible as possible.  The extent to which we are able to to do this depends upon individual requirements, but we do have experience of many students and staff with disabilities living and working within the College.

Please do contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements.

Accessibility to Buildings

Feedback and suggestions

This information will be regularly updated as further access measures are introduced by the College.  Enquiries and suggestions about access may be directed to the Domestic Bursar’s Office, Wadham College, Oxford, OX1 3PN.  Telephone 01865 277963.

We welcome your comments and feedback on any accessibility issue pertaining to Wadham College. Please submit your comment by e-mail, mail, phone or in person.  We look forward to your feedback and working with the College community to ensure that Wadham College is accessible to all of its members to the maximum extent possible.

University Access Guide

Disability Support