Financial Assistance

Students facing financial difficulties from unforeseen circumstances may apply for financial assistance from College and University sources.

Please get in touch

If you experience financial difficulty, please contact the Finance Bursar or the Finance Bursar's PA who will be able to discuss your situation and help you decide on the most appropriate fund to apply for.

Financial hardship can be for many reasons, and may often have an impact on welfare, so as well as the Finance Bursar (who is Hardship Officer) and FB's PA, all students are welcome to approach the Welfare Team for support. If financial support is impacting on your studies, you may also wish to discuss with your Tutor, the Senior Tutor, your Supervisor or your College Advisor.

Students can email at any time to make an appointment for a meeting or drop in to the Finance Bursar Secretary's office (Staircase 15) on a Friday afternoon between 1pm-4pm.

Helpful advice and resources for managing your finances during your studies are available on the University's Financial Assistance and Support page.

In addition, a listing of funds currently available, together with details of eligibility, terms and application forms can be found below.

Student Support Bursary (Undergraduates)

Oxford Assistance Fund | Wadham Support Fund

Care-experienced and Estranged Student Bursary (Undergraduates)