5 Facts You (Probably) Didn't Know about Wadham's Gardens

Date Published: 20.06.2022

1. Wadham hosts the third best collection of trees in Oxford.

The Botanical Gardens and the University Parks top the list. Particularly interesting species at Wadham include the prehistoric Wollemi pine, and the ginkgo.

2. The bamboo in the fellows' garden is twelve different species.

They were planted to cover the area left from an old beech tree that succumbed to honey fungus. The bamboo provides a relaxing ambience, especially in a light wind, and each shoot is only one year old having replaced last year's growth.

3. The embankment forms the remnants of a defensive berm from the Civil War.

Located in the private fellow's garden, at the time of its creation there were only meadows beyond the College toward the river Cherwell.

4. The greenhouses hold the oldest grape vine in Oxfordshire.

The grape vine dates back to the Napoleonic wars. This gnarled specimen produced two hundred bunches of table grapes last year, eaten at High Table and in Common Room.

5. The oldest tree in the gardens is an American tulip tree.

This tree stands healthily in the Warden's Garden. It started life in 1701.

Research Associates Garden Tour

Head Gardener, Andrew Little, shared these nuggets on a garden tour for Wadham's Research Associates. One of the RA's, Will Ingram, said

"The May flowers were on full display and Andrew was able to draw on his 38 years of experience here at Wadham (spanning five Wardens) to show his and his team's incredible work and vision. Thank you, Andrew, for sharing your wisdom and enthusiasm."

RA Adaku Agwunobi captured footage of the tour below.

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