Nature Positive: fact or fiction?

On the boundary between academia and industry, Wadham Tutorial Fellow in Biology answers empirically.

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Five students are awarded the Alfons and Josefine Burkard Travel and Research Prize in Persian Studies for 2022

The Burkard Travel and Research Prize in Persian Studies is awarded for 2022

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How understanding the brain can help us build AI.

Chris Summerfield releases new book, 'Natural General Intelligence'.

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Visiting Fellowships 2023-24

These non-stipendiary Fellowships are intended to provide visitors with a social, intellectual and academic base.

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Two Mortals Confront One Infinite Logic | Wadcast #7

Two brave philosophers, Alex Paseau & Owen Griffiths, scale the nature of logic. Their weapon? Reason.

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Warden's Christmas Message

"Wadham has responded to a turbulent year with energy on all fronts."

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College vistas snapped by students

Students and other members of our community took photos of their favourite spots in College.

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Supporting African Scholars

The College was delighted to bring scholars from Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa and Ghana together.

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