Torpids success

Date Published: 07.03.2022

After four days of competitive rowing, Wadham crews celebrated a successful end to Torpids 2022.

Our W1 (women’s first) crew bumped Pembroke on the final day to ‘take blades’ after a hugely successful week of rowing where they bumped Hertford, ChristChurch, Oriel and Pembroke respectively to jump from seventh to third place in Division 1. (For the uninitiated, if you bump on every day of a bumps competition (without being bumped), you get blades. It's not an easy thing to do, as so many things can go wrong, but if your crew do manage it, you can buy a full-size trophy blade to mark the occasion).

Our M1 (men’s first) crew also rowed from ninth to sixth position in Division 1, bumping Keble, Teddy Hall and Pembroke over the course of the week.

M2 bumped two first crews (St Anne's and St Antony's) maintaining their starting position at the end of the week and M3 got their first bump of the week on Teddy Hall on day four. Meanwhile W2 showed much resilience, getting their first bump of the season on Day 3 when they caught Mansfield just before boathouse island.

“Great results after a disrupted term” comments coach and alumna Stephanie Hall adding that all the crews are looking forward to Summer Eights in the fifth week of Trinity Term

Torpids is an annual inter-college Bumps Race held on the River Isis in Oxford. A bumps race is a form of rowing race in which a number of boats chase each other in single file, each crew attempting to catch and ‘bump’ the boat in front without being caught by the boat behind. Summer Eights, another Bumps race on the Isis, is held in Trinity Term.

Torpids report in full

Day 4 Update!

M3 got their first bump of the week on Teddy Hall M3!!! Incredibly proud of these boys and how much they have improved over the course of Torpids!

W2 had a solid row and ended up rowing over on Saturday. The girls smashed it and showed heaps of resilience despite a tough start to the week. There is so much potential in this crew and they'll be back better than ever for Summer Eights.

M2 were bumped by Hilda's M1, meaning they maintained their starting position overall this week. A hugely successful week for what was everyone's first Torpids - big well done!!

W1 bumped Pembroke W1, finishing the week with BLADES!!! The girls showed just how powerful they are as a crew, and we couldn't have asked for a better result.

M1 also bumped Pembroke M1! A superb performance from the men, who should be really proud of themselves. Looking forward to seeing them smash HoRR in a couple of weeks.

Overall Wadham had a very successful Torpids - thank you to everyone that came down to support throughout the week, and we can't wait to see you at Summer Eights in 5th week next term!

Day 3 update!

M3 have seen a steady improvement throughout this week, well done boys! They were bumped once today by Univ M3, so will remain in Div 6 at 12:00 for their race tomorrow.

W2 got their first bump of the season, catching Mansfield W2 just before boathouse island!! They were bumped twice prior to this, so overall went down one place, they will be starting at the bottom of Div 4 tomorrow at 13:30.

M2 bumped Anne's M1 at the top of division 1, and then, despite their collision with Trinity M2, went on to bump St Anthony's M1, moving them up two places today! A huge success for M2, moving up into Div 3, racing at 15:00.

W1 bumped Oriel W1 just before Boathouse Island. Oriel put in a solid chase, but were no match for the women, who will be out for Pembroke tomorrow at 16:30.

M1 kept it short but sweet, bumping Teddy Hall very early on, just after Donnington Bridge. They'll be joining W1 in their chase of Pembroke tomorrow at 17:00.

Day 2 update!

M3 rowed incredibly well, but were unfortunately bumped twice today, so will be heading up MDiv 6 tomorrow, setting the pace for Univ M3. They will now be racing at 12:00!!

W2 narrowly missed a bump on Linacre this afternoon, and were subsequently bumped by both Worcester W2 and Osler House W1. They were unfazed and gained good ground by the end of the race, finishing hot on Mansfield's heels. Big things to come tomorrow, head down to support them at 13:30!

M2 put in a solid row, and were bumped by GTC M1, who then went on to bump St Anne's M1. They'll be out for Anne's tomorrow at 14:00, and it's sure to be an exciting race!

W1 bumped Christ Church W1 right outside our boathouse - their second bump of this year's campaign!! Despite Christ Church's attempted appeal, 'justice was done' (Rod's words) and W1 were awarded the bump. Oriel next.

M1 got off to a very strong start, and Keble were no match for them today. They caught Keble M1 early on, in the gut, meaning they'll be out for Teddy Hall tomorrow with fresh legs (not that they need them anyway)!

Day 1 update!

M3 put in a fantastic effort today for what was almost the whole crew's first bumps race! Unfortunately they were bumped 3 times before the gut, but proceeded to settle into a solid rhythm. Overall they gained valuable experience and will be back tomorrow with even more confidence.

W2 had a strong start, gaining quickly on St John's W2, before having a slight altercation with a tree. They were overtaken by 3 crews, but made up some lost ground by the end of the race. The rest of the week looks promising for W2, so watch this space!

M2 comfortably rowed over at the top of division 4, and had a very solid row in division 3 shortly afterwards! They'll be racing again at the top of division 4 tomorrow.

W1 bumped Hertford W1 before Donnington Bridge, within just 30 seconds! An excellent performance from the women, who will be hot on Christ Church's tail tomorrow.

M1 narrowly missed out bumping Keble M1, after an exhilarating chase along Boathouse Island! A very encouraging result for tomorrow and the rest of the week.

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