Wadham football tops the league

Date Published: 02.03.2022

“We haven’t lost a game since mid-November,” team Captain, Tom Haggith shares with pride.

Our men’s first team’s winning streak continued with a 6-1 victory over Somerville. With it, their place at the top of the league was secured. And the high goal count was no fluke – the team have been averaging over five goals a game. Tom says they’ve been “playing the best football in the league, comfortably.”

Tom himself scored three of the goals in the decisive match (bringing his season total to 25), and Reuben Heffer, Matthew Bradley and David Morrow put away the other three.

Despite the success, the team doesn’t run dedicated training sessions. The players get their practice by playing in multiple teams. It seems to be working.

With the majority of the team returning to Wadham next year, Tom is optimistic about the future.

The core squad this season has been:

Tom Haggith
Emre Mutlu
Fraser Allatt
Ricky Treadwell
David Morrow
Matthew Bradley
Jacob Bakermans
Louis Davidson
Yann Dreze
Habib Orekoya
Reuben Heffer
Nick Browne
Callum Shaw
Will Nathan
Jules Upson
Pancho Combley
Maxime Kayser
Harry Evans

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