Wadham participates in Astrophoria Foundation Year scheme

Date Published: 04.05.2022

The foundation year helps students develop the academic skills needed to thrive on an Oxford undergraduate course.

Wadham College is delighted to confirm that it will be one of ten colleges admitting students for the inaugural year of the Astrophoria Foundation Year scheme, which formally launches this week.

The Warden of Wadham College, Robert Hannigan CMG, said:

"We are deeply grateful to the McCall MacBain Foundation and Marcy and John McCall MacBain (Law, 1980), whose early support has enabled Wadham to play a leading role in the creation and launch of the Foundation Year programme."

From 2023, we will admit five students annually to foundation year courses in a range of subjects offered here at Wadham. The scheme is open to those whose academic attainment has been significantly impacted by circumstances beyond their control, meaning they are not in a position to meet Oxford’s standard entrance requirements. The foundation year is intended to redress this disadvantage, and help these students develop the academic skills needed to fulfil their potential and thrive on an Oxford undergraduate course.

tuition and accommodation free of charge, as well as a bursary

During the foundation year, the students will receive their tuition and accommodation free of charge, as well as a bursary to cover their living costs. Whilst teaching during the foundation year will be coordinated by the University, those enrolled will be full members of the college community, living and socialising alongside other Wadhamites. Provided they complete the foundation year at the required level, they will remain at the College from October 2024 to embark on an undergraduate degree.


Those hoping to apply for a place on the Astrophoria Foundation Year will need to apply via UCAS by 25th January 2023. Further details of the scheme, including eligibility criteria, can be found at the link below:


Wadham’s participation in the foundation year follows on from its proud tradition of leading efforts to diversify Oxford’s undergraduate body, which also includes:

sustained contact programmes in Bedford and Luton
access summer schools
the Think Like a Lawyer programme

Dr Mike Froggatt, Wadham’s Tutor for Admissions said:

"Wadham has been involved in discussions about the University’s exciting new Foundation Year scheme from the very beginning. It’s natural that the College, with its longstanding commitment to improving access to Oxford, will participate in the launch of a programme which has an opportunity to fundamentally transform the lives of deserving students who would not otherwise have the chance to study here. The whole Wadham community is looking forward to welcoming the first cohort of students from October 2023."