MBiol & BA Hons Biology

Image of microtubule arrays by N. Irani, Dept. Biology.

Average intake at Wadham: 6

Biology at Oxford involves a lecture and practical course organised by the Department of Biology, which are a short walk from Wadham, plus tutorial work arranged by the College.

MBiol (4 year) or BA Hons (3 year) in Biology

The course combines traditional topics, such as plant and animal evolution and systematics, with modern developments and techniques in all spheres of biology from the molecular to the organismal and ecological.

Students can choose to leave after three years and graduate with a BA, or they can continue to a fourth year and graduate with an MBiol. Progression to the MBiol is contingent on satisfactory academic performance in the first three years.

Biology at Wadham

In addition to the lecture and practical courses organised by the Departments of Zoology and Plant Sciences, students generally receive one tutorial per week in their first year, normally in groups of two or three. Thereafter they have a variety of weekly assignments, including at least one tutorial or seminar class.

The Biology tutors also arrange research seminars, presentations, and other activities that go beyond the confines of the degree course and introduce students to the research activities of Oxford biologists.

Wadham encourages students to submit applications for funding of vacation projects that benefit either their studies or some other aspect of their personal development.