Article — 08.09.2022

Fatigue: do friends & family free up your energy?

New research directions from Wadham's Fellow in Human Sciences.

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Article — 28.03.2022

Cornwall Reading Party 2022

Peter Thonemann reports from Wadham's annual reading week in Cornwall

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Article — 15.03.2022

Research connects with local health policy

Collaboration to improve physical activity and health.

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Article — 24.02.2022

Vaccine Equity

Wadham alumni discuss equitable access to vaccines

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Landing — 26.10.2021


The latest COVID-19 Safety Guidance

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Article — 18.10.2021

Social running improves performance

Social running improves performance says a new study by Wadham Fellow Dr Emma Cohen.

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Article — 21.08.2018

Ground-breaking cancer research

Wadham Associate Professor, Monika Gullerova, on cancer research, bio-markers and babies.

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Article — 28.10.2015

Dance, pain thresholds and social bonding

Dancing in time with others raises your pain threshold and increases social closeness, says research carried out by Wadham’s Emma Cohen and a team from Oxford University's Experimental Psychology and Anthropology Departments.

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Article — 03.09.2015

Performance-enhancing friends. Social bonds and exercise.

Researchers, led by Wadham College Fellow Emma Cohen, have discovered a completely legal performance enhancer: friends.

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Article — 03.04.2014

Rave drug ketamine helps treat severe depression

Research by Wadham’s Andrew Farmery on using intravenous infusions of ketamine to help combat treatment-resistant depression has attracted national attention.

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